CSR Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility


Youth Empowerment

Rawabi Holding Company works to empower youth (aged 16-24) by encouraging them to identify their potential, assisting them in channeling their energies and providing them with the means for a bright and successful future. Under the banner of Youth Empowerment, we are developing initiatives aimed at fostering future leaders, equipping parents with parental training and enabling youth through Self Discovery programs. Below are some examples of the Self Discovery programs:

  • Rawabi Holding TalentE xhibit (RTE)
  • The Rawabi I nternship Pr ogram
  • The Rawabi CareerG uidance Pr ogram


Community Investment Program

Rawabi Holding Company supports local and international foundations and organizations as well as individual efforts to contribute to community development in various sectors, including health, education and culture; employment skills development; technology; and wealth generation.

  • Saudi Foundation forPromoting Organ Donation (Eithar)
  • Saudi Cancer Foundation
  • Saudi Endocr ine and Diabetes Association
  • Rawabi Holding Company UK A wards
  • Annual Charity Run
  • Rawabi Holding Company Research Chair in Solar and Photovoltaics Engineering at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology(KAUST)
  • Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP)


Corporate Community Service Program

Rawabi Holding offers opportunities for employees to volunteer in the community locally and nationally. Employees often suggest and adopt causes that make a difference in their communities. Rawabi Holding's Corporate Community Service includes the following:

  • Blood D onation Campaign
  • SEnvironmental Awareness Campaign
  • Saudi Cancer Foundation Open Day for Children
  • Together to Save Jeddah


Social & Environmental Performance Monitoring

Rawabi Holding is committed to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate. Through a transparent effort to improve our overall environmental and social performance throughout the Group, Rawabi Holding will follow international standards to incorporate responsible business practices into daily operations.

  • Rawabi Holding is ISO9001 Certified.
  • Rawabi Holding is a member of Trace International.
  • Rawabi Holding has undergone an extensive re-institutionalization of all business practices.
  • Rawabi Holding is currently in the process of implementing ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Operational Health and Safety standards across business units.


Operational Health & Safety

Rawabi Holding Company goes beyond the call of duty and strives to be better each and every day. Thus, we are committed to the health and safety of every person in and around our company. We are committed to protecting the environment in which we operate. Protecting our people from injuries and/or long-term health issues is a top priority for us. We are dedicated to finding and ensuring continuous improvements towards a safe and healthy workplace and a thriving environment through effective administration, education and training. We will achieve this by adopting a systemized approach in accordance with international standards and management systems.



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