Oilfield Services

Katch Kan

Katch Kan works with Oil & Gas companies and drilling contractors to ensure access to tangible, efficient, safe and proactive solutions to prevent the loss of drilling fluids and the contamination of drilling sites.






Nexans Norway

Nexans offers a complete range of submarine power cables, from 6 to 525 kV. Nexans has developed cable systems operating at A C or DC for very long distance connections. DC cables are appropriate for distances of over 500 km while 3-core A C cables are best for over 100 km. Higher voltages are sought after also for submarine applications in deep water.





Metrol Technology

Metrol is an international technology company with a strong research and development base in electronic and mechanical engineering. The company has a high profile in the exploration well testing and production/completion departments of the world's major Oil & Gas companies. Metrol continually push the boundaries in hostile (HP/HT) environments; their current high point is the unrivalled success of the Paragon Real-time A coustic Data & Telemetry System. Paragon allows the in-well transmission of real-time data and signals during well testing operations and a totally wireless solution to the data monitoring and flow control of production wells.



TDI-Brooks is a research and service company specializing in high-end environmental chemistry, multi-disciplinary oceanographic and environmental projects, surface geochemical exploration, geotechnical and offshore survey projects for government and private companies. TDI-Brooks was formed in May 1996 by former senior staff at Texas A &M University.





Honghua Group (HH)

HH offers customers a comprehensive supply of customized drilling rigs, rig parts and components, as well as training and follow-up support services. HH diverse line of drilling rig products ranges from heavy 9,000-meter depth drilling rigs to light 1,000-meter depth drilling rigs and offshore drilling modules. They also realize earnings from the sale of rig parts and components, which are used either for replacement or refurbishment purposes in the existing drilling rig market. The company customer services include training at our main principal's production facilities and after-sales technical support administered at our customers' drilling sites by a team of experienced engineers. HH also represent a well-established provider of drilling equipment and rig designs and components for both the land and offshore rig markets. The products include elevating systems, skidding systems, cranes, top drives, rotary tables, draw works, mud pumps and rig control and power systems.



Qatar International Cable Lin k Co. (QICC)

QI CC was established in June 2008 as a joint venture company between Nexans (30 percent), Special Projects Company and Al Neama Industrial Co. and has its headquarters in Mesaieed, Q atar. QI CC is focused on manufacturing low, medium and low-end high voltage power cables for energy infrastructure and building projects, as well as special cables for the Oil & Gas industry.





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P.O. Box: 79800

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