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Rawabi Archer

Rawabi Archer, a joint venture between Rawabi Holding Company and Archer Well Company Limited, is a diverse oilfield service provider specializing in drilling and well services used in deep water, shelf and onshore drilling, completion, and workover applications.








Rawabi EMEC

Founded in 1983, the Egyptian Mud Engineering Company (EMEC) is the main provider for mud engineers & systems in the field of drilling operations. EMEC's main objective is to provide qualityengineering services, which leads to design programs to achieve optimum drilling performance and considerable reduction in cost. EMEC offers solid experience from ~4800 wells in different countries with over 300 highly educated and experienced engineers.





Rawabi Frank's

Rawabi Frank's is a joint venture between Rawabi Holding Company and Frank's Casing Crew & Rental Tools. In 1981 Frank's International (FI) was formed and expanded the business across North America and into South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.








Rawabi Hot-Hed

Rawabi Hot-Hed is a joint venture company between Rawabi Holding Company and Hot-Hed Company. Hot-Hed was established in Houston, Texas in 1981 by Louis J. Wardlaw III when he invented and patented its signature product, Hot-Hed®, for the Oil & Gas industry. This revolutionary oil tool invention is a non-toxic, exothermic heater deigned to uniformly raise wellhead and casing temperatures to API standards in 5 to 10 minutes, maintaining them long enough to complete inner and outer welds.





Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services (RVOS)

RVOS is an equally shared joint venture company between Rawabi Holding Company and Vallianz Holdings Limited of Singapore. RHC's experience and solid network within the Oil & Gas industry in the GCC, particularly Saudi Arabia, built up over the last three decades, combined with Vallianz's track record as a provider of a full suite of offshore construction services encompassing EPCIC services with a proven track record for turnkey solutions, project management and transportation and installation work, RVOS is able to effectively leverage its joint synergistic expertise.



Rawabi United Safety Services (RUSS)

RUSS, a joint venture between Rawabi Holding Company and United Safety International, is a leading provider of H2S Safety Equipment, Breathing Air Safety Systems and H2S Safety Specialist expertise in the regional Oil & Gas industry.








Rawabi Haytak

Rawabi H aytak is a joint venture with the purpose of setting up a Drilling Starch manufacturing plant to manufacture Drilling Starch, including H aystar-PTM, in Dammam, Saudi A rabia to supply the Oil & Gas drilling market in Saudi Arabia and the wider region. With over 30 years of starch extrusion experience, Rawabi Haytak team has developed a unique proprietary technology to manufacture drilling starch, capable of utilizing a multitude of raw materials at a competitive cost, to meet the stringent requirements of oil drilling industry including Saudi ARAMCO along with other major oil companies.



Rawabi CETCO

CETCO is a leader in well testing and blowout flow control services in the Oil & Gas industry since 1968. I t provides safe, customized and dependable well testing and blowout flow control services for the oil and gas industry for both onshore and offshore applications. With welldesigned equipment and innovative technology, CETCO delivers complete solutions for well testing needs and effective operations in all testing environments. CETCO Energy Services delivers custom solutions to the Oil & Gas industry's challenges





Rawabi Foothills

Rawabi Foothills provides conventional, continuous wireline and specialty coring services to the Saudi market. Foothills Resource Services has been providing coring services to the Oil & Gas industry for over fifty years and has been a stalwart in the industry in Canada and around the world for over 52 years.






Rawabi Pason

Rawabi Pason is a leading international provider of specialized rental oilfield instrumentation systems for the use in land-based drilling and service rigs. It offers a tightly integrated package of Products and Services including data acquisition, well site reporting software, remote communications and Internet information management tools. Its products and services bridge the physical separation between remote well sites and the office. I n addition to our innovative technology, Rawabi Pason offers integrated support services which provide a wide range of support for our customers. Our widely distributed network of field service technicians install our products, train rig personnel and maintain our products on the rig. By employing field service technicians, we ensure customers get prompt, hands-on assistance.




GEOLOG was founded in 1982 in Italy and is now the largest independent international surface logging company in the world with operations in more than 40 countries. A s an oilfield service company, GEOLOG provides key data while drilling to its client's groups: drilling, geology and reservoir groups. GEOLOG's services include the monitoring of (i) geological data obtained by physical evaluation of cuttings; (ii) hydrocarbons data obtained from analysis of gases in and out and (iii) surface drilling data (mechanical, hydraulic and engineering variables) obtained using several high-end sensors and quasi real time enhanced analysis. GEOLOG's information helps to evaluate the well in terms of hydrocarbons ratios, pressure balances, and relative positions of its lithological layers. GEOLOG's services also provide early warning on dangers to ensure well safety and to prevent formation of damages for optimum data acquisition and field productivity. GEOLOG has also developed innovative technologies related to Geochemistry that proved to be of prime importance in characterizing unconventional reservoirs or conducting successful Geosteering in challenging environments.



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