Pason Oil Field Drilling Instrumentation Services

Rawabi Trading and Contracting represents Pason, a leading international provider of specialized rental oilfield instrumentation systems for the use in land-based drilling and service rigs. It offers a tightly integrated package of Products and Services including data acquisition, well site reporting software, remote communications, and Internet information management tools. Its products and services bridge the physical separation between remote well sites and the office. In addition to our innovative technology, RTC & Pason offer integrated support services which provide a wide range of support for our customers. Our widely distributed network of field service technicians install our products, train rig personnel, and maintain our products on the rig. By employing field service technicians, Rawabi & Pason ensure customers get prompt, hands-on assistance.


Turnkey Projects

Rawabi Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. have qualified engineers in the area of execution & delivery of turnkey projects related to the field of instrumentation. This includes & not limited to the following area of specialty:



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